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Direct PDF Converter Pro Features

Direct PDF Converter Pro is among the highly popular software to convert PDF file to Word, Excel, Image and Postscript. Now, you can do conversions at very affordable rates and in minimum time. You can easily edit the converted files according to your requirement. The software saves all the formatting of the original file after conversion. The text, layout, images and tables are retained as they are in the PDF file. Direct PDF Converter Pro allows the user to extract relevant images like logos, banners, etc. from the PDF file. It also gives you an option to convert your PDF to .rtf format. You can now convert valuable scanned PDF documents into editable flowing text format with the software’s new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature.

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Glance on features:

PDF to Word conversions

Direct PDF Converter Pro enables the user to convert their PDF files to Word accurately. It converts PDF into Word while retaining the document’s original layout. The software also gives you the benefit of making changes in the converted document.

PDF to Excel conversions

Direct PDF Converter Pro enables the user to simply translate PDF files to Excel. Your multipage PDF file can be converted into a single excel sheet. The software shows the multiple pages clearly split by a single line and pages are numbered precisely.

PDF to Image conversions

Direct PDF Converter Pro allows user to simply convert your PDF files to Image. You can also convert your PDF into JPEG format. It creates an individual image for every page and stores in a specified folder making it convenient to use later.

PDF to Postscript conversions

With Direct PDF Converter Pro, the user can simply convert PDF to Postscript. It allows you to select and realize the output or the end result.

Images can be extracted

Direct PDF Converter Pro enables you to extract images from PDF files.

Variety of text formats

Direct PDF Converter Pro converts PDF files to multiple text formats like .doc or .rtf.

Support for Batch conversions

Direct PDF Converter Pro allows you to convert multiple PDF files to Word or .rtf format by using batch conversion option.

Supports Partial conversions

Direct PDF Converter Pro enables user to convert PDF file partially by defining pages for conversion. You can define pages like convert page no. 1, 2, 3,.... 6-12,... for conversion.

Customize the language

Customize the language of the user interface by selecting from 10 international languages offered in Direct PDF converter pro.

Scanned PDF to Word Conversion

You can now extract text from scanned PDF documents into Word format with latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature. The files get converted into flowing text format. This feature equips you to utilize beneficial content which is restricted within non-editable scanned files.

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  Detailed description of additional features
No Re-formatting
Direct PDF Converter Pro saves the original text layout and images of the converted documents. It recognizes all tables, paragraphs, columns etc and copies the PDF documents to fully formatted Microsoft Word documents.
Keeps Original Layout
Direct PDF Converter Pro saves the original layout of the document. So, you do not need to redo the page orientation or line spacing in the converted document.
Supports Partial conversions
Direct PDF Converter Pro supports partial conversions allowing user to easily convert his PDF file according to his own specifications. With this software you can easily convert the pages you want without worry about the size of the document.
Maintains the Originality
Direct PDF converter pro maintains the originality of your document by easily identifying the paragraphs, text labels, graphics, tables and flow of columns before conversion.
Embedding of True Type fonts
Direct PDF converter pro supports the text colors, font size, and font style of the Microsoft Word. So, enables user to get the converted document as it was in PDF document.
Graphics and Images
Direct PDF converter pro helps user in keeping images safe by identifying and separating logos and banners. No chance of losing any image in conversion. There is no need to worry even incase your graphic intensive documents.
Documents are 100% Editable
The software lets you have full control over your document through automation enabling you to easily edit the converted document. No need to work on Word's Formatting and editing options to edit the converted document.
Text can be reused
If you want to reuse the text in the converted document then you can easily do so by simply copying the required the text from the converted document and paste it in your power point presentation or excel sheet etc. The formatting of the text will remain unchanged.
Handling of rotated page, text, image and shapes
Direct PDF converter pro automatically recognizes rotated pages with its contents and retains text, layout and images in the converted Word document as they were in original PDF document.
Hyperlinks & Bookmarks
Incase your PDF document possess some active Hyperlinks and Bookmarks then there is no need to worry as the links will remain as it is in your converted Word document. This feature helps the user to access additional information via hyper linked documents or web pages.
SuperScript & SubScript
The converted document will contain the superscript and subscript text as it was in the PDF document.
Column formation remains managed and well-formed
The text lines and text columns will remain same in the converted document which makes text editing and formatting an easy task.
Perfect lines and column formation
Direct PDF converter pro retains the original multi-column text and page layouts incase of multi-column text layout in PDF document. The user has the ability to edit the text in the converted word document.
Precise file size
Direct PDF converter pro optimizes the size of the file as it reduces the converted file to a lower file size making it easy to upload or download in minimum time span.
Underlined text
The underlined text in the converted file remains same as it was is.
Drop Cap
Drop cap remains same in converted file.
Conversion of Master Password saved PDF file
Direct PDF converter pro allows you to convert the Master password protected PDF file into word only incase you know your password. The software will prompt for a password while conversion. The processing will continue only when you enter your password.
Optimum System Resource utilization
Direct PDF converter pro makes use of the system memory, hard disk space, and CPU in an optimized way letting you work on your computer while your document is getting converted.
Supports 5615 fonts
Direct PDF converter pro replicates the text in 5615 fonts as it is in the converted word document. So, the converted file looks exactly same as the original PDF document.
Embedded True Type Font handling
Besides supporting 5615 type of fonts, the Direct PDF converter pro handles True Type Fonts that leaves a little scope of not replicating text as in PDF file. Moreover, the software handles symbolic fonts in an enhanced manner.
Zero dependency software
Direct PDF converter pro is an independent software which does not require any software installation like Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat reader for installation. Hence, this software is not at all dependent on any application.
Supports different type of users on system
You do not need to install Direct PDF converter pro separately for all users login. You can once only install the software on your system and it will support all types of users like guest users, power users etc. This software can be easily used by all users to convert their documents.
Enhanced As Is, Formatted Text, Text only and Image only features
Direct PDF converter pro allows user to make use of a variety of conversion options that makes it supportive to high quality document conversions. With unique coding the Direct PDF converter pro enables you to execute super document conversions. The flowing text document layout option gives you a better quality converted document by preserving text style and font, document layout and accurate image positioning. The software saves page layout, columns, formatting, graphics and preserves text flow.
Additional file formats
The user of Direct PDF converter pro can easily choose to have image in the same format as they were in original source image or select from famous formats like BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PCX and PSD. Direct PDF converter pro has three additional file formats- PBM, PNM and PPM for “Image only” images extraction option.
Customize the interface
Direct PDF converter pro enables user to customize the interface by selecting a simple wizard interface (step-by-step instructions) or regular application interface.
Customize the layout mode
Direct PDF converter pro allows you to customize the layout mode of the converted file by selecting options - 'flowing text', 'as is', 'formatted text' or 'text only'.
The help file of Direct PDF converter pro contains detailed instructions for reference.
Free Software updates
With Direct PDF converter pro you can get free software updates.
Direct PDF converter pro is always there for you to clarify all your question as you can get 24 hour help support and US daytime telephone support.

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